Keeping your lights on is our ‘why?’

You can manage in house wth the right knowledge, equipment and staff. But sometimes it's just better to focus on your core business. Having the right people in your corner helps.

Here at CommsChoice we deliver solution designs that focus on enabling your business and increasing productivity - without the pain of engaging multiple vendors.

We know that more CIOs are being asked to solve deep productivity issues rather than mundanely maintaining uptime - so it makes sense to consider flexible managed network services, leveraging our experts to help drive productivity and innovation.

But the managed network services market is changing, and IT leaders need to respond and re-assess sourcing strategies to ensure they are getting optimum value.

Understanding that businesses today demand more, providers are evolving beyond the network to include aspects such as Unified Communications as a Service and Public Cloud. Then there’s the question of security.

So, whether you want to move in to new markets or use resources more efficiently, CommsChoice can make it happen at a controlled cost.

“Our customers can ring one number when they have a problem because we have a single view of their entire network.”

Explore Our Managed Services Modules

Commercial Management

Change Management

Service Management

Relationship Mgmt.

Maximise value, optimise performance and experience exceptional service quality.

Service Portfolio Mgmt.

Proactively manage and improve your solution portfolio; transforming your infrastructure into enablers of business value.

Billing Mgmt.

What is the customer paying for? Benefit?

Optimisation Services

Maximise value - only pay for what you need with proactive rationalisation / optimisation of your solution.

Proactive Price Reductions

Let us negotiate improved pricing value and inclusions on your behalf, leaving you to focus on your core business.

Service Level Reporting

Manage service quality and optimise service level targets with proactive reporting and monitoring.

Project Mgmt.

Realise the benefits of having a team of dedicated, certified professionals manage every aspect of your onboarding and project management delivery.

Supplier Mgmt.

Offload the confusing and time-consuming task of managing vendor contracts, contract renewals, device inventory and supplier performance. Ensure quality, consistency and value for money.

Configuration Mgmt.

Leverage our governance and systems engineering processes to ensure consistency of product performance among its functional and physical operational attributes throughout its life.

Change Mgmt.

Adopt proven processes for change management minimising risk and disruption, whilst saving time and resource.

Let us support your business throughout the change management process.

Release Mgmt.

Protect the integrity of your existing solution whilst delivering new and enhanced services required by your business. We’ll take responsibility for planning, scheduling and controlling software through the various lifecycle stages and environments.

Adoption Mgmt.

Embrace change, adopting new technologies and transitioning with confidence using CommsChoice tried and tested best practices.

Service Desk

Your dedicated team of certified professionals / your client advocate will manage escalations and communications between vendors on your behalf; providing advice and guidance throughout the process.

Service Availability Mgmt.

We offer continuous, real-time monitoring and management of service availability, capacity and performance; correcting potential availability issues before they negatively impact services.

Incident Mgmt.

Ensure continuity and prompt restoration of services in the event of and unplanned interruption. The CommsChoice Incident Management module provides support, incident detection and incident recording to ensure disruption of services is minimised.

Problem Mgmt.

Reduce the impact and number of unplanned interruptions by identifying the root cause of incidents and pro-actively determining effective resolutions.

Request Fulfilment.

Account administration such as adds, moves or changes are managed with ease with our Request Fulfillment module. Your dedicated team of certified professionals will keep you informed of status updates on high priority service requests.

Remote & Onsite Maintenance.

Remote and onsite maintenance when you need it most. Let us maintain your software patches, security updates, planned system reboots, and system activity log reviews.

Why Choose CommsChoice for Managed Services


With 23 international nodes, our network enables truly global collaboration.


Only pay for what you need with proactive rationalisation & optimisation of your solution.


We proactively monitor your network; alerting you to an outage in real time.


Manage your business communications on one single bill, regardless of your dispersed international locations.


Increase visibility, monitor and manage service availability, capacity and performance; correcting potential service availability issues before they negatively impact services.


Everything you need from one communications provider. We manage your networks, enterprise mobility, unified communications and other essential infrastructure components; and wrap it with rapid 24/7 support provided by capable engineers.

Ready to simplify your journey to the cloud?