Cut out your carrier, simplify branch networking and dramatically reduce costs. SD-WAN from under $200 per month.

Would you believe us if we said that there is a cost effective, simple, yet fast and secure alternative to carrier MPLS available today?

Sounds too good to be true. But it’s not.

CommsChoice is proud to have designed, deployed and now manage Australia’s largest SD-WAN network in use today.

The corporate network is facing unprecedented pressure from the growing adoption of cloud, mobility, voice and video applications. And with many organisations spread across multiple sites and often different countries, branch networks are increasingly complex and expensive to scale and secure.

Without change - this leads to escalating carrier costs, poor user outcomes, security risks and a management headache.

SD-WAN technology allows you to replace expensive carrier-controlled MPLS networks with a public internet-based solution, eliminating unnecessary hardware and leveraging simple, ubiquitous, competitive internet connectivity for rapid deployment and considerable cost savings.

Think of business-grade outcomes using cheap internet access links.

Optimising your network - using the internet

Until recently, the public internet has not been considered an appropriate transport for corporate data because of concerns around reliability and security.

Fast, stable internet services have now become the norm.

Infrastructure continues to improve quickly, to the point that many cloud providers deliver critical business services across the public internet reliably and securely.

If you have a distributed workforce and supply chain, using Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) to integrate the public internet with your corporate network creates more capacity and delivers better user experiences at lower cost. This is extremely suitable in APAC given the lack of pan-regional carriers and homogenous networks.

SD-WAN is suitable for any organization that wants to reduce costs, improve performance, gain flexibility – all without losing functionality.


  • Leverage simple, ubiquitous, competitive internet connectivity for rapid deployment and considerable savings
  • Deploy carrier redundancy for native High Availability
  • Uncompromised security through packet-level encryption and cloud firewalls
  • Intelligent traffic management makes sure voice and video get priority over less important workloads
  • Manage through the cloud using native application-level network visibility
  • Combine voice, video and data for increased ROI
  • Eliminate unnecessary hardware and support contracts
  • Regain control with end-to-end orchestration
Sd Wandiagram

Intelligent path control

Your SD-WAN will dynamically load balance across multiple links to deliver high availability and flexible capacity - issues that cripple traditional Telco MPLS networks.

SD-WAN devices automatically route network packets along the most appropriate links to improve application performance. Demanding workloads like video traffic can be simply prioritised over internet browsing using the orchestration platform. Changing network performance – as a result of internal company dynamics, or external internet congestion or outages - can be quickly identified and managed around.

In traditional MPLS environments, virtually all traffic from remote sites traverses the MPLS network through a central data centre. This includes users connecting to the internet and cloud applications. Unnecessary ‘tromboning’ of data (traffic flows in to the data centre, out to the internet, then back in to the data centre and out to the user) creates additional latency and a poor user experience, often worse than one might experience working from home. SD-WAN overcomes this by automatically routing traffic directly through the most appropriate path and handling security closer to the edge.

Advantages of SD-WAN


using low-cost, ubiquitous internet links.


over any transport type including 4G.


and simple security management.


that combines multiple links to deliver virtual effective QoS without complexity.


and forwarding decisions improve application performance.


of your entire WAN.


into path performance, application usage and voice traffic.

Ready to simplify your journey to the cloud?