Mid-Band Ethernet provides fast, cheap, reliable internet connectivity for businesses that have outgrown traditional broadband, but where Fibre and NBN services are not available.

Our Mid-Band Ethernet solution provides network access over copper infrastructure.  It uses multiple legacy copper pairs bonded together into a single Ethernet link that can support symmetrical speeds up to 40Mbps – providing significantly greater speed and flexibility than traditional DSL connections if fibre is not available or economical to deliver.  

Perfect for branch network access or cloud applications.

Mid-Band Ethernet achieves its higher speeds by bonding up to eight copper pairs into a resilient network connection.  Should one or more copper pairs deteriorate the remaining pairs continue to provide connectivity, keeping your business online.

Cost effective Ethernet access where fibre and NBN is not available.


  • Superior reliability and speed compared to DSL services
  • Quick to deliver
  • Best option where NBN and Fibre access is not possible
  • Up to 40Mbps symmetrical speeds
  • Flexible Ethernet access for a broad range of applications
  • 99.95% availability SLA
Midband Ethernet Diagram


CommsChoice Mid-Band Ethernet Access delivers scalable, flexible network access up to 40Mbps where fibre or NBN is not available.

99.95% UPTIME

It’s all about the uptime. With industry leading SLAs and great resilience, your productivity is maximised. For uninterrupted access, consider adopting 4G for backup.


Carrier neutrality is an essential factor in delivering reliable connectivity. We’re not burdened by selling our own network like a traditional telco, so we select the best providers.


Fast installation and a good speed range for reliable branch network access. Available across Australia.


Everything you need from one communications provider: lightning-fast, direct and private network access; certified professionals that will help you simplify your journey to the cloud; and future-proof collaboration tools - all wrapped up with rapid 24/7 support provided by capable engineers.

Ready to simplify your journey to the cloud?