Managed Services

Supercharge your business infrastructure.

Modern enterprise can no longer treat managed services as an ad-hoc solution to the challenges of increasingly complex network environments.

Have confidence in your technology strategy; save time and money streamlining your operations, gaining hours of productivity every day.

CommsChoice Managed Services provide a bridge between you and your technology environment, delivering unprecedented management of your evolving IT landscape.

Our suite of modules allow you to focus on more important things - like growing your business.

Cloud Firewall

Wrap your network in layers of security and deliver a faster user experience.

Secure local Internet breakouts without backhauling and duplicating security appliance stacks at your dispersed locations.  And deliver an enhanced user experience without the expensive outlay and management of hardware.

Next Generation Cloud Firewall enables secure location Internet breakouts without the complexity and cost of Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) Appliances. And because it’s 100 percent in the cloud there’s no hardware to buy, deploy, or manage.


CommsChoice Deliver helps achieve peak performance and widespread adoption, executing on your agreed technology strategy quickly and effectively.

Our dedicated team of onboarding managers co-ordinate the implementation, configuration and integration of your solution; set measures for successful implementation and control; and facilitate training to drive end-user engagement.

We simply your journey to the cloud making it as easy as possible to Deliver a technology strategy that is intuitive, constantly evolving to help you remain competitive.

Why CommsChoice?


We live by the philosophy that “we simplify your journey to the cloud.” Simplicity is the essence of everything we do. From solution architecture to customer support; we’ll deliver great outcomes leaving you to focus on more important things.


Providing high quality, secure communication solutions to a diverse global workforce has never been easier. Transform your enterprise communications using a single, reliable provider operating global voice and data networks.


Pay attention. Carrier neutrality is an essential factor in delivering network availability. We’re not burdened by selling our own network like a traditional telco, so we select the best local provider for your application. Something the traditional can’t do.  

Sophisticated and scalable cloud-based telephony platform supports a fast-evolving tech company.

Leading APAC information, software and services company embraces global cloud telephony to remove dependency on hardware, minimise disruption and ensure flexibility for its diverse workforce.