Inbound 13/1300/1800 toll free numbers with Call Recording, Smart Routing Call Manager and Analytics.


Inbound Toll Free 13/1300/1800

Inbound Toll Free with analytics

  • Self Management portal
  • Massive range of routing options
  • Built in IVRs and routing
  • Built in welcome messages
  • Call recording
  • Geo & Time based routing
  • Port in or new numbers
  • Minimum Contract Charge $460

$30 /mth
Upfront: $100

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Take a deep dive into customer behaviour.

An inbound 13/1300/1800 service number is a virtual service number connected to any local geographic number. When users call the inbound number it’s automatically redirected to the telephone number of your choice and the caller is charged a single flat fee, or in the case of a 1800 its a free call.

In a nut shell, it’s interstate calling for the cost of a local call.

But you can do more with your inbound number. Take a deep dive into customer behaviours with CommsChoice Call Manager and Analytics. Our portal provides you with unrivalled detail when it comes to how your customers interact with your business.

Add intelligent call routing and call handling so calls terminate exactly where you want them to. And if you relocate your business to a new location, your inbound number will follow you like a loyal friend, so your customers can continue to reach you without disruption.

We have International toll free options too!

Call Manager and Number analytics. It's at your finger tips.

Inbound Call Analytics

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