CommsChoice Global PBX & International MS Teams Direct Routing

Link your ANZ, EU, APAC, North American, South American or EU offices seamlessly on a single International phone system with a single point of contact.

If you need a Multi National Phone System or Unified Comms solution, use the CommsChoice Cloud Business PBX or the phone system built into O365 MS Teams and you can connect all of your locations on a single phone system platform.

Think about it. Your Sydney, Melbourne or Perth office can connect over the same platform to Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, Mumbai, Manila, LA, London, Hong Kong using the same Phone System from the same provider all running over the same Global network. It means great call quality and no blame games.

And all On Net calls between your sites are free.

With our 25 global Points of Presence, we can link our Global PBX into over 100 countries using our suite of 25 global carrier partners and our International Points of Presence.

Number porting in over 70 Countries DID in on over 100 Countries.

Cost effective International SIP solutions using your own hardware or use our Cloud Business Phone System.

International Contact Centres that follow the sun and connected with MS Teams or our Global PBX, call recording, analytics, conferencing. We do it all.

Global PBX Plans


Global PBX

Global PBX Call Plans - Multi National Multi Site Phone Systems

International Channels from $10 each
International calls from 2c per min
Global 10Gb POP Network for high quality calls
DIDs available from 80+ Countries
Deployments in ANZ, APAC, EU and North America
High Volume CTS available
No Cost on Net Calls across all locations

from $10 /mth
Upfront: from $99
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Global Teams Direct Routing

Global Teams Direct Routing

Teams Direct Routing on MS 365
International MS Teams Calling
All the Phone System features on MS Teams
Available ANZ, APAC, EU, North America
Global 10Gb POP Network for high quality calls
DIDs available from 80+ Countries
No Cost On Net calls across all locations

from $10 /mth
Upfront: from $50
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Call Quality?

Our Global Phone System runs over a network of POPs and SBCs and these are linked via a Global 10Gb Fibre Network with multiple layers of redundancy delivering low latency worldwide. This gives you unbelievably good call quality.

Our SBCs in Sydney, Melbourne, Shanghai, Toykyo, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Manila, Beijing, San Jose, Frankfurt and Washington DC allow us to deliver our International MS Teams call plans and provide local GEO DIDs into over 100 Countries.

Our Global Network

Global Ms Teams Calling International Ms Teams Call Plans

Bring your international numbers with you

We have porting agreements with carriers in around 70 countries so you can keep your business numbers to ensure business as usual. Or we can provide you with new DIDs in over 100 countries.

It's your choice. That's what we are about.

International Contact Centre Solutions

Your International Contact Centres probably follow the sun. So do we!

The Commschoice Global network of POPs and SBCs for Teams network nodes delivers users a single carrier solution regardless of your location.

Imagine all of your Geo Dispersed International Contact Centre sites running over a highly redundant, always on Contact Centre Phone System using the same Telco network for every site.

It's not a dream. It's real and available now. Commschoice's Multi National Contact Centre and Multi National Call Centre solutions are your answer.

Unify your business communications on one integrated platform.


Forget about investing in and maintaining inflexible on-premises PBX kit. Hosted Voice is cloud enabled. We’ll manage the platform security, software and upgrades so you can focus on your core business. Anywhere.


One number across multiple devices allows users to access the platform from their chosen device — desk phone, laptop or mobile – wherever they’re working from.


Order the capability you need now, then add more as you grow. All via a simple and secure web portal.


Manage your business communications from a single, integrated platform regardless of your dispersed international locations. Imagine being able to short dial colleagues in India as if they were next door, or transfer a caller to your office in Chicago.


Increase visibility and improve customer experience with feature rich analytics software that monitors and records call metrics in real time.


Everything you need from one communications provider: endpoints, call plans, all the rich telephony features you desire; wrapped up with rapid 24/7 support provided by capable engineers.

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