Cloud Firewall - The next gen security solution for Australian business.

The traditional network security perimeter fence is broken. Your users have left the building, meaning their traffic goes directly to their applications over the open Internet, bypassing your security layers altogether.

Traditional network security continues to fail with the increasing adoption of cloud applications. Your workforce is dispersed and mobile, only amplifying the challenges of modern network security.

Deploying stacks of security appliances in individual branch offices to avoid traditional firewalls being overwhelmed is both costly and complex. With the uptake of a distributed workforce, it is no longer a meaningful enterprise-wide solution.

The only solution to secure your distributed workforce is to deploy a Next Generation Cloud Firewall.

Don't be the next hacking headline victim.

The hacking threat to privately owned and government departments is a continual source of news. Don't let your business be an embarrassing headline.

The only way you can protect your business is with a fully integrated Next Generation Cloud Firewall installed on all devices that are using the company network including mobiles, tablets, laptops. Inspect all of your network traffic, regardless of user location - including hard to inspect SSL traffic.

Take advantage of our Cloud Threat detection capability where any threat detected anywhere in our Cloud is immediately blocked for all users.

For business with a SD-WAN and a distributed work force, a Cloud Firewall further enhances the remote management capabilities of the SD-WAN.

Protect your business with unified security policies across a single application against IP theft, identity theft, ransomware attacks, zero day threats, malicious botware, Malware and extortion with a Next Generation Cloud Firewall. Features include:

  • Real Time threat filtering
  • Advanced Web Security
  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Cloud Application Control
  • Sandbox
  • Anti Virus/Spam/Malware/Phishing
Cloud Firewall Functionality

Simplifying Security

Simple. Fast. Secure.

Enhance user experience and address security needs whilst simplifying your journey to the cloud with CommsChoice Cloud Firewall.

  • Cost effective to deploy
  • Fast user experience & remote deployment
  • Easy to manage
  • Scale to enhanced features when you need them
  • Improved performance

Why Choose CommsChoice Cloud Firewall?


Forget about investing in and maintaining on-premises hardware. Cloud Firewall is 100% hosted in the cloud.


Route Internet-bound traffic to CommsChoice Cloud Firewall to immediately begin inspecting all traffic with real time threat detection.


Route Internet traffic locally and securely for all ports and protocols providing identical security regardless of users’ physical location – users can securely work from anywhere.


We use the world’s largest multi-tenant cloud security platforms to secure your local Internet breakouts, so you can focus on your core business.


Real-time visibility on application traffic for all users in all locations, allowing you to easily manage access per user.


Everything you need from one communications provider. Secure your local Internet breakouts; manage your networks, enterprise mobility, unified communications and other essential infrastructure components; and wrap it with rapid 24/7 support provided by capable engineers.

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