Artificial Intelligence driven Speech Analytics for Microsoft Teams

Call analytics for Microsoft teams calling

CommsChoice Insights offers powerful speech analytics for Microsoft Teams.

Voice traffic represents a business's lifeline to their clients. It's also where opportunity and risk can arise. Prior to Artificial Intelligence, Quality Assurance on your phone calls meant manually sampling and assessing a fragment of your calls. Now things have changed. With Artificial Intelligence driven Call Analytics for Microsoft Teams calling, you can measure and assess all of your voice data. CommsChoice Insights brings you an incredibly powerful and modern AI Driven Quality assurance solution.


Artificial Intelligence understands the call sentiment and organises call recordings.

The CommsChoice Insights program indexes and arranges call recordings from the Microsoft Teams Phone System. When indexing your call recordings, Insights recognises caller sentiment, the agent's emotional responses and will highlight positive and negative words and cross talk.

Insights, powered by AI capabilities, sorts through the massive volume of call data and converts it to a useable data base of Q&A that become more accurate over time.

Create Quality assured calls and avoid poor Customer Experience

Your CX is what keeps bringing your customers back. Knowing what your customers think about you, before things turn for the worse can assist you putting out fires and help turn a poor experience into a positive one.

Understanding your customer’s feelings about your products and services and your support teams was almost impossible before they left or signed up with someone else. CommsChoice Insights for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing can structure and transcribe your call data so the trends in your customer sentiment can be identified as they begin.


Top to Toe data diversity

CommsChoice Insights analytics application, provides you with a full range of call analytics including keystroke data, call traffic, and other content straight from the Microsoft Teams Phone System. Insights AI helps you package these diverse data points to give you a 360 degree view of your operators performance and effectiveness.

To ensure that Insights provides best practice all stored Insights data is accessible to external analytics systems like Power BI, SAS, Tableau and other dashboard/analytics platforms.

Call analytics for Micrsoft teams Direct Routing

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Global Data Sovereignty & Compliance

Using CommsChoice Insights gives you peace of mind with your customers call recording data stored where your Office 365 licensing is domiciled.

CommsChoice Insights provides global data storage compliance available to your business regardless of industry, size or location. Insights addresses compliance requirements for MS Teams Call recordings with text transcription, AI-driven data redaction, and 256-bit AES encryption for your audit trail.

Insights provides compliance across a range of compliance regulations including GDPR, AU privacy Act, PCI-DSS, MiFID 2, FAIS, CCPA and POPI.

Data compliance is driven by a range of factors that affect most business with financial, health, consumer protection and for remote or online transactions.

Call recording is required under a range of circumstances including:

  • Contract fulfilment
  • To fulfill a legal requirement
  • To protect one or more participants
  • In the public interest or needed for the exercise of official authority
  • For a legitimate benefit to the recorder unless the interests of the call participants override that benefit.
Teams Contact Centre Compliance

Call recording for MS teams PCI Compliance

Fully PCI Compliant Call Recordings

CommsChoice Insights enables users to reliably protect customer data taken from call recordings within PCI DSS requirements. Using its PCI DSS module, CommsChoice Insights cleans personal financial data from call recordings, delivering premium security for you and your clients.

Audio Redaction of sensitive spoken data

Audio Redaction deletes any sensitive spoken data from call recordings. Upon playback of a call, Insights masks the audio file across the call segment where PCI redaction occurred. Since the audio has been permanently scrubbed, Insights skips this time segment and jumps to the next segment.

Insights uses two methods of audio redaction:

Via AI Automatic recognition

Using this method of PCI redaction, Insights AI speech recognition engine monitors your conversations in real-time.

Insights will recognise and permanently redact sensitive data in the conversation such as credit card numbers. This method offers enterprises an effortless path to PCI DSS compliance. Not only is it reliable, it’s flexible. Our analytics engine can be trained to redact only numbers with certain prefixes, or to redact any consecutive string of numbers. Our AI can be tweaked to suit your needs down to incredibly precise specifications.

Via API Call

Some credit card systems require a different method of enabling PCI compliance on recorded calls.

For instance, these systems may require redaction while an agent is actively viewing the input fields that hold credit card data. In such an instance, an API can connect the agent’s system to Insights redaction functions. For these users, we’ve developed the Insights Desktop Client which runs that API call on every extension that needs PCI compliance. We even provide a script that allows easy deployment of this capability across all those extensions at once. PCI redaction can either be triggered automatically in what we call silent mode, or manually by the agent as needed

Transcription Hashing

Transcription Hashing removes financial and sensitive customer data inside your Insights Speech-to-Text transcriptions, replacing the sensitive text with hash marks, signifying that PCI data has been removed.

Screen Capture Redaction

Screen Capture Redaction masks financial data detected inside of Insights screenshots. During playback, Insights automatically redacts any screens that are associated with PCI data, skips that segment of the call and resumes synchronously with the call audio.

Cloud Encryption

Cloud Encryption conceals the data on the Insights Call Network with 256-bit AES rotating encryption.


Being a MS Gold Partner for Communications means something!

Its means that Commschoice has been certified by Microsoft for our MS Teams Calling products and our ability to deploy them.

So choosing Commschoice is choosing a Microsoft Teams Partner you can trust.

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