Business Fibre Internet Features

Unrivalled Coverage

CommsChoice is Carrier Neutral. This means that unlike other provides we can check your site for 6 different carrier networks. We can provide you multi carrier redundant solutions over multiple technology Types for mission critical applications. Fibre (3 providers), NBN TC2 and TC4 (3 providers), NBN Enterprise Ethernet (2 providers), Fixed Wireless 2 providers) and 4G. Coverage the others cannot match.

Fibre Broadband

We have standard Fibre broadband access bandwidths from 50/50Mb through to 1000/1000mbps. In some cases its cheaper to have a 10000/1000mbps service than a 50/50mbps service.

NBN Enterprise Ethernet

Business Ethernet services (only delivered over Fibre) were introduced in 2019 offering bandwidths up to 10Gb.

Fixed Wireless Ethernet

We can offer Fixed Wireless Ethernet up to 1Gb bandwidth.

Bandwidth Warranties

Our Fibre services come with bandwidth warranties to the customer NTU.

Symmetrical data

All business grade fibre internet services have symmetrical speeds for upload and download. This is great for cloud services and other essential business applications.

Redundant data options

CommsChoice can offer multi carrier solutions over a bonding router and with SD-WAN so no matter what happens to any single link, your business remains on line.

Unlimited and Unmetered data allowances

A service qualification check will be required to establish the maximum speeds available to your property. This will be dependant on the technology type that NBN use to service your property. There is currently a limitation on TC2 copper based services (FTTN & FTTC) where a maximum order can be for 10/10Mbps speeds. If after installation a higher speed is available this can be requested to the carrier. FTTP technology supports speeds up to 100/100Mbps using NBN Traffic Class 2.

1:1 Contention Ratio

All AAPT Fibre 400, Fibre 1000, and Vocus Fibre plans plans are provided with a 1:1 contention ratio. The contention ratio refers to the number of users that can access the internet bandwidth used for your business fibre service. The greater the number, the greater the number of users that can consume the bandwidth at any one time. A 1:1 contention ratio ensures that bandwidth is guaranteed for your fibre service and it is not shared with other customers compromising your service.

Unlimited Data & Static IP

All Business Fibre Broadband services come with unlimited data and a static IP.

Further Information

Further information contact CommsChoice at our Business Fibre Internet page.